About Chez Ma Tante

At Chez Ma Tante, two traditions have been passed on since 1929; hot dogs and smiles.

Marguerite, the Tante of Chez Ma Tante, developed a recipe for success that continues to withstand the test of time.

To this day, her legacy and mouth-watering hot dog call Chez Ma Tante home. As always, the hot dog is steam cooked, 100% Shopsy beef, and delicious!

Ma Tante Marguerite understood the value of adding magic ingredients to her recipe. Her dash of kindness, pinch of charm, and sprinkle of love attracted loyal customers who became friends.

Since opening for business almost 100 years ago, her recipe has not changed. Marguerite’s traditional hot dog, coleslaw, french fries, along with a couple of new traditions, are still served the same way– with a smile!

Our Happy Journey

90+ Years Successful

In 1929, a small horse’s carriage was all the space needed to perfect this classic Montreal hot dog. Each day, Ma Tante Marguerite and her husband would park themselves in Montréal-Nord and serve the community.

As word spread about the deliciousness of the food and the kind service, the happy couple upgraded their operation to a campervan. After swapping the vehicle’s interior for kitchen appliances, the van’s windows were repurposed for handing-off hot dogs with a smile.

Ma Tante’s legacy soon outgrew the van. In 1950, she literally cemented herself in the lives of many Montrealers by building her restaurant, and on top of it, her home. While Marguerite can no longer be found there, her legacy lives on, her smile is still warming, and her hot dogs are always salivating!



Our Home Today